- About Us -

We all have an epic story to tell. No matter our race, creed, or  gender, each and every day we get out of bed we are effectively writing another page of that story… and sometimes even make a featured guest appearance in the narratives of others. 

 Incitatus [‘ta:.tus] was not only the favored horse of infamous Roman emperor Caligula and first ever non-human consul (government official) in Roman/human/equestrian history… but is also Latin for “at full gallop.” This particular  story inspires us daily because we feel that in order to achieve your dreams in life, you must chase after them at full gallop (plus, if a horse can become consul, theoretically you can achieve whatever dream you possibly may have).

We know that anyone reading this right now, whether you need a video for a new business, your new album single, real estate investment, film, website or live event… has a dream… and a story to tell to a target market in order to achieve said dream.

Here at Incitatus Productions, our passion for storytelling, cinematic “short-film” style approach and atypical personalities combine to deliver impactful, unique, feature film quality videos that help distant dreams become current realities… which creates even bigger dreams (don’t worry, we can make an epic video for that dream too.)

Incitatus Productions – Let us telyour story.      

Our Team:

Jeremy Carter CEO

Jeremy Patrick Carter was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, gaining much of his personal experience in film and media through his childhood love of movies and video games. This led him to study and graduate from Chicago’s own DePaul University with a degree in Digital Cinema, where he sharpened his writing, directing and editing skills. His creative mind allows him to conjure up cinematic ideas that most would be so lucky to conceive… let alone ambitious enough to put “on film.” His passion for storytelling led him to create Incitatus Productions with his best friend, David Castro, and is evident in each creative endeavor he undertakes – including your project.

David Castro CEO

David Castro was born in Santiago, Chile and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, an education entirely unrelated to this field. This shouldn’t be seen as a detriment – just look at Ken Jeong. David therefore developed his skills in filmmaking by creating video content and films at an early age, being a self-taught student of cinema and the arts. He is rarely satisfied with his work and always strives to improve himself, and – by extension – your project.