Modvs Operandi

-Our Process-

  • Consultation (Proposal) – Ah… we love meeting new people, so this might be our favorite part of the process. We will sit down with you and discuss your vision and purpose of your specific video production needs. We may also ask if you drink enough water, too, because we care about you.
  • History (Project Acceptance) – In order to create the highest quality individualized productions, we practice what we like to call “highly particular client selection.” This does NOT mean we choose clients based on race or gender (that’s literally racist and sexist) or anything like that, but instead by overall creativity of the proposed project and by schedule compatibility. In other words, we want to work on the most creative, ambitious and fun projects while simultaneously ensuring that we have the time to dedicate ourselves to your project. Once we select your project and take you on as a client, we will send you our bid for final approval.
  • Examination (Pre-Development) – This is the stage where the video is basically created… well, at least in our minds. We will examine your notes, check your water intake, and draft an outline of your video scene-by-scene in a manner that best achieves your target goal while simultaneously achieving said goal with swagger and style. Once the outline is approved by you, we will begin the location scouting, talent hiring and the scheduling process, all under the umbrella of getting your video completed by an agreed-upon deadline.
  • Report Of Findings (Storyboarding) – Once a general outline is approved, we will diagnose your vision and create a professional storyboard that artistically visualizes the video (angles, locations, camera movements, transitions, etc.) that will help you see your video before it’s filmed.
  • Treatment (Video Production) – Each previous step together has one singular purpose: to make this step in the process as easy as possible. Following the plans, vision, outline and storyboards, this makes shooting the footage a walk in the park (especially if your video is actually about someone walking in a park).
  • Satisfaction (Video Delivery) – After production is completed, the real fun begins – the editing process! When we complete a first rough cut of the project, we will send it to you for final approval. Once you are satisfied with the first overall vision, we will finalize the video and deliver to you a USB drive with the exported files in your chosen format. And you will thus be satisfied with your life decision of reaching out to us… and of course, sufficiently hydrated.