-Our Gear-

In order to achieve the most professional and cinematic product for you, we are the only Chicago production company that uses Hollywood-level equipment for any and every shoot. This coveted arsenal combined with creative cinematography and editing results in feature film quality projects… every time. Prepare to be wowed.

RED Digital Cameras: The name RED is known throughout the film and video world as the ultimate professional digital video camera system. RED combines gasp-inducing image quality with a groundbreaking modular design that makes it perfect for any and every shoot. Thousands of micro-budget, cult-classic but lesser-known independent films from Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron to Jurassic World, The Hobbit to Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens have been filmed with RED cameras… and your project is next.

Zeiss Lenses: When you put a phenomenal piece of glass on a phenomenal camera, you get… phenomenal results. Zeiss lenses are indeed phenomenal pieces of glass (we just said the word “phenomenal” four consecutive times in order to make the image crystal clear… which is exactly what Zeiss lenses do… so… we felt it was appropriate creatively… if not grammatically.) Side note – satellites use these lenses to make it easier for you to spy on your ex.

MoVI Pro: Freefly System’s MoVI Pro gimbal technology revolutionized modern filmmaking. It allows us to achieve Hollywood-level, buttery smooth image stabilization on even the most complex of camera moves – without the use of expensive track systems or heavy steadicams. Image stabilization is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. Just imagine yourself running from a black jaguar in a Costa Rican jungle. Now imagine yourself watching yourself running from a black jaguar in a Costa Rican jungle… without a hint of camera shake. Much better, huh?

Rode Microphones: Nothing (muffled) screams amateur video like bad audio. In fact, poorly-recorded audio can make a gorgeously-shot, million dollar budget blockbuster feel like a student thesis film. Unfortunately, many production companies mute this extremely important aspect of the creative process. That’s why we mixed-in Rode as our microphone brand of choice. They provide crisp, clear, professional grade audio that syncs perfectly with our top tier image quality (and yes, we are impressed by our creative use of audio related verbs here… even if you’re not.)

Adobe Creative Cloud: The glue that brings everything together. The editing room is where the vision for your project is truly fulfilled, and when you use the beast of an arsenal we use to record video, photo and audio, you need equally monstrous software in order to successfully complete each project. Adobe creates the widest array of industry-standard editing software known to woman. Whether it’s video/photo editing, sound design, color correction, 2D/3D animation or even web design, Adobe Creative Cloud gives us the tools we need to expertly perform any task your project demands. FADE TO BLACK