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Make your videos beautiful, emotional... and impactful

Audiences in today's world are constantly flooded with videos. Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are just a few sources of video content created and targeted to everyone from businesses to musical artists. In order to stay ahead of the curve... you will need an epic video that stands out from the crowd. Our dedication to creating highly cinematic content from concept to completion, and our passion for creative and strategic storytelling combine to produce videos that reach our client's target audiences... while simultaneously increasing their PROFITS.

Our Team

We are award winning... storytelling... video producers.

An award winning filmmaker, and creative wave of a person, Jeremy has been classically trained in film school at the prestigious and highly decorated academy DePaul University Chicago. Whether he's thinking furiously about how to subvert expectations, or making "L"s with his hands doing that thing that directors do, you know he's going to create something magical.

Jeremy Carter Video Producer & Co-Founder

A trained chiropractor with a creative mind, David has been using his talents for decades. Self-taught in the field of cinema, you may catch David dancing in an area where there's no dancing, or holding a camera while performing some sweeping motion that draws attention to himself. Don't worry - he wants it.

David Castro Video Producer & Co-Founder
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POISON Music Video

Modelos (Abby Bella Couture Promo)

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% of People Watch Videos Online Daily (Source - Digital Info World)
% of People That Say Videos Help in Decision-Making (Source - Hubspot)
% of Users more likely to buy a product after watching video (Source - Hubspot)
% of businesses surveyed that saw an increase in sales with video (Source - Hubspot)

Usual Queries

1How much is a video?

Every video is custom made for you, so the price is unknown until we talk more. Contact us for a free consultation.

2What types of equipment do you use?

We only use the best video and audio gear. 5K RED Digital Cinema cameras, Rode Microphones, and Zeiss/Canon lenses are the norm. We use Adobe CC and DaVinci Resolve for the editing portion of the projects.

3What is the process?

You reach out for a free strategic consultation where we will chat about your project and your goals. Then it's pre-production, filming, editing, and delivery (basically).


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